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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  July 28, 2013 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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weather hitting part of thet coast... and also across the country tonight.
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one week closer to another potentia a tour bus flips over in high water. the severe weather. one week closer to another potential b.a.r.t strike mess. where the two sides stand and how much b.a.r.t workers really make and what the faa is asking foreign pilots to do when they come to sfo after the deadly crash. good evening. we start with breaking news, a person was shot tonight at geary and 29th avenue. the victim got in a fight with two male suspect who's then fired a few shots and drove away. the driver's side window was blown out. two bullet holes in the windshield and a shot through the door. the victim was taken to mission university. we don't know the condition of
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the person but we know it is life-threatening. the clock is ticking for b.a.r.t. their contract extension ends a week from today. about if the sides do not come to an agreement we could see as strike as soon as next monday. we have more on where the negotiations assistant and how much b.a.r.t employees are making. the bay area could be speeding for more riding torment. >> reporter: a 4 1/2 day strike in july had commuters waiting for hours to get across the bay and that was a holiday week. a second strike next week could be much worse. a b.a.r.t board member talked about the negotiations this morning on k about pix5. >> we -- kpix5. >> we made some progress with smaller scale issues but the bigger issues are outstanding to be resolve. >> reporter: including salary and contributions to health care. a new report from the mercury
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news show b.a.r.t workers make more money than any of their peers, the average worker made more than $76,000 last year. the top paid train operator grossed more than $155,000. and b.a.r.t's best paid janitor made $83,000. >> these people make very, very good money. if it is about wages a lot of people would bend over backward. >> b.a.r.t works have not had a raise in four years, and if you look at the revenue for b.a.r.t they increased. that is a fact. >> reporter: some are based on high-levels of overtime and capping off vacation time. >> our negotiations with the union define what is given to everyone else. everyone wants fair pay and benefits. >> reporter: the unions say their pay is fair. >> i think there has been a fallacy that all they do is push a button and stand around. these are critical workers who provide a service to keep the
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public safe. >> reporter: but the public is losing patience. >> it is effecting all of us. and they need to come to work and come to terms with what is going on. >> reporter: negotiators for b.a.r.t and the unions x go unions go back to the bargaining table. >> b.a.r.t average employee makes about $30,000 more than transit workers in l.a. and about $10,000 more than muni operators. we have learned tonight new details about how a teenage passenger was killed by a fire truck after the asiana plane crash. according to the chronicle at least four san francisco firefighters saw her curled up on the ground and two of them, including a supervisor, thought she was dead. the chronicle reports someone must of gotten the 16-year-old out of the plane and laid her down. the investigation into her death is ongoing. >> all foreign airlines heading
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for sfo are advised to use a gps system to guide their landings. the move follows that some people have trouble landing manually. >> reporter: this morning at sfo we spotted a go around. it did not involve sasia, na airlines. >> approaching with the runway together, the larger plane passed the smaller skywest and the air traffic control to tell skywest to abort the approach. >> reporter: he is an aviation enthusist. he comes here on the weekends to watch the planes land. go arounds were not known much outside of aviation circles until the crash of asiana flight 214 earlier this month. the pilots called for one seconds before they crash landed. a do over of sorts. >> the whole process to keep everybody alive. >> reporter: a former airline
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pilot and head of a pilot safety committee who, in a 3- decade career had half a dozen go arounds in total. in a 6-week period, asiana pilots called for one 6-8 times more. >> they rely on automatic controls, he says, not enough training on hand flying the plane because they don't get enough training on go arounds and visual flying. >> the accident of 214 should not of happened if they knew how to fly. >> a stunning indictment. we tried to get ahold of the airline but they did not return our calls. >> going left. >> reporter: as of course faa controllers in the tower watched the plane. it looked like a perfect landing. two back wheels first, then the nose, just the way it is supposed to be done. some officials are calling for experienced pilots from other
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airlines to be in asian acock na cockpit fist they are going to land at sfo. >> pilots appear to rely on sraouplt-guide landings and lack the training to touchdown manually. hayward police are looking for a suspect who shot a security guard at a home improvement store. it happened at this home depot at 12:30. the suspect tried to walk out with a cart full of tools when twotory security guards tried to stop him the suspect shot one guard in the shoulder and ran away. a huge drug bust over the weekend santa cruz. you are looking at more than $2 million worth of pot. the officials seized from a pango boat. jake riner has more on with why smugglers may of chosen that spot. >> reporter: an unmarked beach, usually only locals know
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about it. that is is why shark tooth beach is the crime scene of a major drug bust on the central coast. the state lifeguard was making his rounds when he spotted people acting suspiciously. >> then he find the boat on the shorelines filled with 1200 pounds of marijuana an estimated value of $2.1 million. roar 175 bundles of marijuana in the boat to be exact. that is what law enforcement agencies stepped in and arrested these four people. devole is s from arizona, ruiz, sarna and martin-garcia all booked in jail. homeland security says smugglers are smoother with moving larger amounts of drugs in a shorter amount of time. tighter regulations are getting them to move from mexico to central coast. there have been a couple of
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large busts. >> they are increasingly brasin. operating in daylight hours, utilizing popular beaches as drug dropoff points. >> investigators say it is still too early to tell if the drug busts are related. firefighters in fresno county are trying to get a handle on a wildfire. it scorched nine,000 acre, about 75 miles northeast of fresno. the authorities say they evacuated 16 campgroundsa as a precaution. the fire is about 15% contained. arizona tour bus flips over in heavy rain and that is not the only severe weather story tonight. here is paul deano with a look, paul in. >> all of the way to hawaii we have big time weather problems. we will start in arizona, 100 miles east of las vegas near the nevada state line. look at this bus pushed over by a flash flood. 33 people inside coming back from a day trip to the grand
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canyon. amazingly nobody injuried in that case. we go from arizona to las vegas. big time rainfall in the desert. flash flooding there as l. all of the way west to death -- as well all of the way west to death valley. 3 inches of rainfall. philadelphia, pennsylvanias, 8 inches of rainfall. the most rain in any one day in the city's history. tkpwobged out the -- knocked out the power from that flooding. this is north carolina, major flooding there. up to 12 inches of rain just this weekend. two folks lost their lives trying to swim in a creek when all of that rain was coming down. and now my weather computer there are storms up for every island in the state of hawaii. the big island can get a hit from tropical storm flossie. not what you want to hear when you spend that money to go on vacation in hawaii to have that. talking about our weather, i will do that in seven
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minutes, coming up. >> all right, pauly, looking forward to that. pope francis holds a mas for a busy crowd. and talk about being in the wrong place at the wrong time. the landslide that buried a car and the amazing scene that follows this mess. ,,,,
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fire officials say the drivf a coach --- carrying about people.. lost control and smashed into several cars. the bus then fell at least yards off a bridge.. and into a ravine. police dozens are dead. a driver of a coach carrying 40 people lost control and smashed into cars. the bus then fell at least 15 yards off of a bridge and into a refeen. the polices say 37 peopleip cluing the driver were killed. another american died following last week's train derailment in spain. a woman from houston died today from her injuries. that brings the death toll from the crash to 79. a woman from virginia was also killed. the officials say 70 people are still in the hospital. support of egypt's brother hood continue to stand their ground outside of a mosque today. their protest comes a day after at least 72 people were gunned
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down by security forces. triggering global anxiety that the populous country would fall deeper into unrest. violence killed at least 300 people since president morse was deposed. today, dianne feinstein sat down saying she is very concerned about the crisis. she says frankly she is surprised the military would urge people to go to the streets. >> i don't think we know what kind of egypt is going to emerge. i think it is very important for this new president and vice president to exer it t their thourt now. tell show the control of the military can effectively govern that country and so the next few months they will will be real eyeopeners for the world. here in the bay area, pro morse supporters held a rally.
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one demonstrator says egypt needs to give democracy a chance to work. >> [indiscernible] it should not be like that. things should be be corrected with the democratic process. >> she says the military coo is destroying the democracy. she has relatives taking part in the protests there. pope tpraps sis is on a flight back to rome after a weeklong trip to brazil. cbs is there where millions -- francis is on a flight back to rome after a weeklong trip to brazil. cbs is there where millions were watching. >> reporter: the holy father wrapped up a week of nonstop outreach, meeting as many brazilians as possible. the 2-1/2 mile stretch of the beach overflowed with the faithful. pope francis celebrated his last mass there before returning to rome. thousands of pilgrims camped out on the chilly beach and
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pavement, securing their spot for morning mass. >> reporter: i think god i am alive to experience this marvel. >> the pope encouraged young people to spread the faith. >> saying the pope counts on you, go and make disciples of all men. >> reporter: a couple who's baby was born with only part of her brain participated in the procession, the parents wore t- shirts that read "stop abortion." this was the largest mass in history and the vatican hopes it is a sign more catholics are returning to the church. >> coming here and experiencing all of this it is just amazing, i love it. >> reporter: the pope also met with latin-american and caribbean bishops, urging them to be chose to the people, patient and merciful. perhaps following the example
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he has already set. back to you. >> before leaving, pope francis met with world youth volunteers to express his gratitude. all right, paul is back in now talking about the local forecast. >> so much going on everywhere else. >> yes. pretty much everywhere. >> today was an abnormal day for us. cloudy everywhere. chilly everywhere. tomorrow will be cooler and cloudier. it is already cloudy everywhere in the bay area where there is an airport reporting station. working its way inland making its way to the sierra foothills by tomorrow morning including this vantage point. looking back to the east. a lot of fog and cloud cover. drizzle for you in berkeley, piedmont tomorrow. the temperatures working their way down, chilly weekend for this time of the year in livermore. yesterday, 87, today, 5 degrees cooler. i don't think you hit 80 degrees in livermore. future cast, looking at fog. everybody gets it tomorrow morning, low cloud cover will burn back to the bay.
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places like san francisco, daly city, half-moon bay, it will stay cloudy for the entire day tomorrow. breezy and chilly as well. got to talk about why this is happening, you know, we get fog at the coast. we get fog in the city. rarely goes this far inland and hangs out this long throughout the day. there are two reasons for the low pressure down to the south and west, giving us the strong onshore flow for the weekend. even when that goes away mother nature brought reenforcement. that is a low pressure area coming down from british columbia, western washington, sitting to the north and west. remembering the flow, around low pressure t is always there. giving us the onshore flow until thursday at a minimum. if you like the hot weather away from the water, sunshine, start to finish you have to be patient, waiting until next weekend. a lot of fog and drizzle for everybody tomorrow. tomorrow will be the chilly day. hitting bottom tomorrow afternoon. then, beginning to warm things up a degree or two each day. it will take until thursday or
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friday until we get back to normal. not cold but chilly. sanfrancisco, 61, san jose, 9 degrees below average, high of 74. san mateo, 78. hayward, chilly, breezy, 66 degrees. pleasant hills, san ramon, 66. now, is 60 if daly city. the warmest stuff is below normal. lake county, you are usually in the middle to upper 90s, low 90s for you. saint helena, 73 degrees. another degree or two on wednesday and then moving at a stale's pace here. thursday, back to the middle 80s inland, 70s near the bay. next weekend, nais the change. that is when we get the sunshine back, start to finish. we will see the temperatures above normal. still this weekend that is next. >> yes. we have seven-days.
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>> yes. a workweek to cover. >> thank you, paul. the new zealand racing team is heading straight to the finals. today they beat italy. they secured enough points overall to advance to the cup final and said they will use the time to fix up there 72 foot catamaran. >> if we can get on through it and get more race time under our belts, we also have a fairly large amount of work to do to our boat. a lot of changes and modifications to improve the performance, and, you know, obviously it takes time. >> the italians will face the swedish team in the semis, starting august 6th. the cup finals start august 17th and the winner of that race will face team usa starting september 7th.
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a multimillion dollar caper in cannes. who may be behind the heist. part of a mountain comes crashing down, burying a car. it is what happens next that you will have to see to believe. coming up, the 49ers have no less than four players vying for the safety position vacated by the departed john golton. we will have one of them on the show. talking about the giants and their woes against the cubs and the a's looking to open a 6- game lead. all coming up next on "gameday" ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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they were in a car -- drivi along a mountain road when happened. the slide lasted a while... but take a look -- when it finally stopped, men managed to get out of t a mudslide caught a mud. the slide lasted awhile but take a look. you will start to see them emerge. when it stops its men got out of the car. here they come. the rains in northwest china are causing widespread flooding and crop damage. flooding in china killed 370 people and 200 are missing. like a hollywood script, a heist took place and the police are looking for $53 million in jewels. >> reporter: the hold up happened at the carlton hotel in the daylight. one armed robber ran off with a brief case full of jewels then
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vanished into the crowd strolling along. it is the third time in two months jewel thieves hit cannes. the last were the robberies of two gangs. >> i'm not talking about a man hitting a old lady over the head for her purse. this is organized. it is like a military organization. so,s of course it happens in cannes. >> during this year's famous tpeufl festival. they ripped a safe out of a hotel room. making off with $1 million in jewels, meant to add sparkless to hollywood a-listers. >> today's heist goes with the jailbreak three days ago in switzerland by two alleged members of pink panther gang. it is too early to tell if the
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pink panther was involved today. cbs news, london. >> people in certain states need their fast food fix more than others. next, where people spend the most money on the burgers and fries and where health conscious california falls on that list ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the most -- an average of 1- n fast food. some states are loving fast
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food more than others. consumers in oklahoma spend the most. average of $101 a month on fastfood. vermont spends the least. california fall in between. spending an average of $47 a month on fast food. and we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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